Design Issues


This site has been designed to look all right on most browsers. I have included some non-frames pages, so the site should be available to everybody

However, I think it goes without saying that the site is not supposed to represent any kind of homogeneous design <g>. I have used it to learn the elements of page design as I went on. It has been created without any software apart from Paint Shop Pro and Notepad (they breed 'em tough down here in the home counties!).

I have tested the pages in various resolutions and in a couple of colour modes, and they don't look too bad. I hope that you don't have readability problems, but if you do, please let me know all the details. Any feedback would be really valuable to me.

If you browse the site with the graphics turned off you will miss quite a lot, but also you might have problems with layout where there is a long ALT description.

Thanks to those who have responded. I am very grateful for all feedback I receive, which can only help to make the pages more accessible to more people.

If you do find anything drastic which causes problems, then please

mail me at

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