As I come across interesting places I will continue to add more links here, so keep coming back.


Judy An art-based site with an interesting blog from the San Francisco area.
A little bit of Cyn Another San-Francisco resident, currently embroiled in the hectic world of new motherhood. A blog which is both down-to-earth and amusing.
Les Howarth Les is a fellow-member of the Compuserve UK forum. A home site, but the topics covered are many and various.


Michael L. Smith The more I listen to the music of this composer, the more I like it. There are several midi files on the site - listen especially to "Janizad" and "The Moons of Jupiter".
David W. Solomons An interesting British composer. MIDI and Real Audio samples of the music - and while you are there, have a look at his mother's paintings.
Charles-Valentin Alkan Information about this eccentric composer, whose music surely ranks with that of Chopin and Liszt.
Havergal Brian The official Havergal Brian web site, with a wealth of material about this individualistic composer.
Minna Keal Biographical information about this impressive British composer.
The Berkshire Recorder Consort This is a local group to which I once more belong.
The Classical Midi Archive An amazing collection of MIDI classical music from the famous to the obscure. It takes a while to load, but it's worth the wait.
The Classical Midi Collection A smaller site than the one above, but they do include some contemporary music.
The Standard Music Venue, London E.17 You can hear all kinds of live music here. I have in the past spent some happy hours here drinking absinthe and listening to tribute bands with names like "Pink Fraud" and "The Rolling Clones".
Ethan Winer When he's not running his software company he's designing and building synthesisers, writing books on programming languages, building recording studios - oh, and writing the occasional cello concerto. A very interesting site with some good music samples.

Mervyn Peake

Mervyn Peake The official site
Peake Studies The long-established journal about Peake and his works, containing critical and biographical material
Great SF & Fantasy Works Containing an excellent review of the Titus books
Mervyn Peake An interesting article about the life and work of Peake
A page of Peake links Some interesting and unusual Peake links
Gormenghast Castle A British site devoted to the trilogy, with interesting content
Other Peake links A short entry on Peake with some links

Search Engines

Dogpile Dogpile is a kind of meta-search-engine, and will do its search utilizing other engines, and come back with many results in seconds. I find I use it less nowadays, because many of its searches come back with directories rather than pages.
Google A search engine that seems very efficient, and has a nice, uncluttered interface. I find as I use Dogpile less, so I use Google more.
Alltheweb Another good general search engine. It can come up with some excellent results.
Gigablast Gigablast is a search engine that at the time of writing exists only in beta form. But it's already showing signs of being an excellent engine.
Mooter A curious search engine that returns its results in graphical form, and aims to provide results in useful clusters rather than lists.

HTML related sites

The WWW Consortium All the standards and the latest specs. for anything to do with HTML.
Real Audio If you can't play my music samples you can download the latest player here.
Active scripts guestbook An excellent cgi guestbook that actually works! The only problems I had during installation were of my own making. It's an excellent guestbook that allows control over virtually everything. Why not try it out here?

General sites

Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications Always nice when a campaign closes down because its objectives have been met. The web site remains as an historical document
Feminists Against Censorship A useful watchdog on censorship issues. You can register, and receive updates
The Booty Web Site Pace Americans, you'll have to go to the site to see where it got the name. This is a family who live not far from me. Basically a meteorological site, with more information than you are ever likely to need - minutely detailed meteorological statistics about Bracknell's weather going back several years. The son, Wayne Rowley, is a composer and there are links to his music sites.
New Worlds New Worlds - the magazine with which I used to be involved.
The Terminal Café An essential site for those interested in the work of Michael Moorcock
The Bad Writing Contest Paradigmatic exemplification of infra-syntactical enunciation
Second Life The last 3D virtual world that I recommended here turned into a totalitarian nightmare. I am now a resident of Second Life, which has an altogether more relaxed character. Its two main strengths lie in the building and scripting tools available to all residents.
The Butt Pages The famous 'strange things that people have put up their bottoms' site. Remember - you found it here!


The Council Bracknell Forest Borough Council
Bracknell History A section of the Britannia site which has some information about Bracknell's past.
The Alternative Guide to Bracknell A notorious site which has annoyed some people round here! Inaccurate in places - but very funny!
Bracknell & Wokingham College How can I describe it? Bracknell & Wokingham College?
Bracknell Bees Bracknell's ice hockey team
Thames Valley Tigers The local basketball team, based in Bracknell
South Hill Park Bracknell's amazing arts centre (see the photographs).

Amnesty International on-line
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