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Jessica Tarlov Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life [2024]

Jessica Tarlov has made a significant mark as a political strategist and television personality. Known for her insightful commentary, Tarlov has carved out a notable space in the media landscape.

Understanding her journey, from her early life to her current net worth, provides a comprehensive picture of her accomplishments.

Name Jessica Tarlov
Date of Birth March 9, 1984
Age 40 years
Profession Political Strategist, TV Show Host, Writer
Net Worth $2 million – $3.8 million
Relationship Married to Brian McKenna
Weight and Height 68 kg (149 lbs), 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)

Jessica Tarlov Net Worth

Jessica Tarlov’s net worth reflects her successful career in both political consultancy and media. Estimates of her net worth vary, with some sources suggesting it is around $2 million, while others place it closer to $3.8 million. This wealth accumulation is a result of her diverse roles and consistent presence in high-profile media and political circles.

Tarlov’s primary income source is her role at Fox News. As a co-host of “The Five,” she earns a substantial salary, contributing significantly to her overall net worth. Additionally, her appearances on various Fox News programs, including “Hannity” and “Outnumbered,” further bolster her earnings. These roles not only provide a steady income but also enhance her visibility and influence in the media landscape.

Beyond her television career, Tarlov holds a significant position at Bustle Digital Group. As the Senior Vice President of Research and Consumer Insight, she plays a crucial role in analyzing consumer behavior and providing strategic insights. This position not only adds to her professional credentials but also contributes to her financial success.

Tarlov’s academic background and expertise in political science have also opened doors to additional income streams. She co-authored the book “America in the Age of Trump: A Bipartisan Guide,” which has added to her earnings through book sales and related engagements.

Her financial success is further complemented by strategic endorsements and partnerships. In November 2022, Tarlov signed a deal with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a move that likely enhances her marketability and opens up new revenue opportunities.

Early Life and Education

Jessica Tarlov was born on March 9, 1984, in Manhattan, New York. She hails from a family with a rich background in the entertainment industry. Her father, Mark Tarlov, was a renowned filmmaker and producer, and her mother, Judith Roberts, worked as an entertainment lawyer. Jessica’s upbringing in such a dynamic environment undoubtedly influenced her career path.

Tarlov’s academic journey began at Bryn Mawr College, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in History. Her academic prowess didn’t stop there. She furthered her education at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE). At LSE, she achieved not one but three advanced degrees: a Master of Science in Public Policy and Administration, a Master of Research in Political Science, and a Ph.D. in Political Science and Government. This strong academic foundation equipped her with the skills necessary for her future endeavors in political strategy and media.


Jessica Tarlov’s career began in the finance sector, where she worked as a project manager at Merrill Lynch in 2007. This position provided her with valuable insights into the financial world. However, her true passion lay in politics. In 2008, she joined political analyst Douglas Schoen as a research assistant, marking her entry into political consultancy.

Her early work with Schoen helped her develop a keen understanding of political strategies. In 2012, Tarlov took on a significant role as a communication and digital strategist for Boris Johnson’s re-election campaign for Mayor of London. This experience further honed her skills in political communication and strategy.

Jessica’s career took a significant turn when she started appearing on Fox News as a liberal analyst in 2014. Her articulate and well-researched viewpoints quickly gained attention, leading to her becoming a frequent guest on various Fox News shows. By 2017, she had solidified her position as a contributor to the network, eventually becoming a rotating co-host on “The Five,” one of the channel’s most popular programs.

In addition to her television career, Tarlov holds a prominent position at Bustle Digital Group. She joined the company in 2017 as the Senior Director of Research and Consumer Insight. Her role involves analyzing consumer behavior and providing strategic insights, leveraging her extensive academic and professional background.

Personal Life

Jessica Tarlov’s personal life is as dynamic as her professional career. Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, she comes from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. Her father, Mark Tarlov, was a prominent filmmaker and producer, known for his work on films like “Copycat” and “Serial Mom.” Her mother, Judith Roberts, served as an entertainment lawyer. This unique background provided Jessica with a broad perspective on both media and politics.

In her personal life, Tarlov has been open about her relationships and family. She is married to Brian McKenna, a hedge fund executive. The couple’s relationship blossomed during the pandemic, and they tied the knot in 2021. Their marriage has been a significant milestone for Jessica, balancing her demanding career with her personal commitments.

Jessica and Brian have two children. Their first daughter, Cleo Markie McKenna, was born in December 2021. Jessica named her daughter Markie in honor of her late father, Mark Tarlov. In January 2024, Jessica announced on Fox News’ “The Five” that she was expecting her second child, a girl. Their second daughter, Teddy, was welcomed into the family in April 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is Jessica Tarlov’s current net worth?

Jessica Tarlov’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 million and $3.8 million. This variation is due to different sources citing her earnings from her roles in television, consultancy, and writing. Her primary income comes from her position at Fox News, supplemented by her senior role at Bustle Digital Group and various endorsements.

How did Jessica Tarlov start her career?

Jessica Tarlov began her career as a project manager at Merrill Lynch in 2007. She then transitioned to political consultancy, working as a research assistant for Douglas Schoen. Her skills and expertise led her to significant roles, including a communication strategist for Boris Johnson’s mayoral campaign. Her media career took off when she started appearing on Fox News in 2014, eventually becoming a co-host on “The Five.”

Who is Jessica Tarlov married to?

Jessica Tarlov is married to Brian McKenna, a hedge fund executive. The couple got married in 2021 and have two daughters, Cleo Markie McKenna and Teddy. Their relationship and family life have been a source of personal joy for Jessica, complementing her professional achievements.

How many children does Jessica Tarlov have?

Jessica Tarlov has two children. Her first daughter, Cleo Markie McKenna, was born in December 2021. Her second daughter, Teddy, was born in April 2024. Jessica often shares how important her family is to her, balancing her professional and personal life effectively.

Wrapping Up

Jessica Tarlov’s journey from her academic pursuits to her notable career in media and political consultancy is both impressive and inspiring. With a robust educational background from Bryn Mawr College and the London School of Economics, she laid a strong foundation for her future endeavors. Her initial roles in financial management and political consultancy set the stage for her transition to media, where she has become a prominent voice on Fox News.

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