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At home - October 2001 I live in South-East England in Bracknell, a New Town of about 65,000 souls, a number which is continually increasing. Bracknell is not a bad place to live, overall. It has suffered from its 1960s architectural heritage, particularly in the town centre, but as a compensation there are some wonderful old buildings which are being employed for useful purposes - an arts centre, a school, a pub, etc. Bracknell is constantly being developed, and is changing all the time. Pleasurable and frustrating at the same time!
I am a councillor on Bracknell Forest Borough Council. In 1998 under local government reorganisation, the council went unitary, taking on the responsibilities of the county council, which was abolished.

Here I am at a meeting of the old planning and transportation committee

The planning committee of Bracknell Forest

This is the family - Damon my son, Isobel my daughter and my grandchildren Elliot and Thomas.


A picture of the family

To see a map of my local area, go to this site A useful site for UK maps
Make sure you come back again, though!

My principal interest these days apart from the internet and local politics is classical music. I have had a number of works performed locally, including an hour-long setting of Mervyn Peake's poem, The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb which was given a performance in the South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell, by Allison Horriben (soprano) Trevor Craddock (bass-baritone), Timothy Bond (narrator) and Terry McNamara (piano). I have more-or-less stopped performing and composing, but still enjoy listening and creating MIDI transcriptions. Favourite composers include Schoenberg, Nielsen, Messiaen, Brian, Alkan and Honegger. I am still interested in the music of Minna Keal, having picked up a CD of her cello concerto. Unfortunately November 1999 saw her death at the age of ninety. English music is poorer for her loss. At the seaside - East Wittering, July 2003
Relaxing in East Wittering, July 2003

Was at Art in Action, at Waterperry, Oxon, in July 2006. Someone took candid photos of me listening to music - I fondly imagined that I listened to music with an absolutely expressionless face. That is clearly not the case.

Listening with bliss   Not too pleased
Bliss ..   Displeasure ...

The British paperback edition, published by Savoy Books

I used to be a writer and editor, and in the early seventies published a collection of short stories called The Eye of the Lens, which appeared in the UK and the USA. I worked with Michael Moorcock on the magazine New Worlds and edited the anthology The Nature of the Catastrophe with him. A newly-edited edition was published in 1996. Also I was responsible for the reconstructed version of the third book in Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy, Titus Alone, which has appeared in various editions.

A moment of heightened awareness

I am a member of the Berkshire Recorder Consort, who are also based in Bracknell. The BRC is a group which specialises in early music, played on a variety of instruments, but also include in their repertoire music from all periods.

So that's me. If anybody wishes to contact me, you can e-mail me at the address below.

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